About Us

Who we are:

RigidZoom is founded on 7 core principles.


  • We believe in giving a positive ROI for our customers.

  • We believe in giving out customers detailed strategies to propel them forward.

  • We believe in removing the hassle out of digital marketing for our customers.

  • We believe in being a trusted digital marketing consultant for our customers.

  • We believe in only helping those who we truly believe we can make a difference for.

  • We believe in hiring people that are invested into improving themselves, because people who improve themselves will improve our customers lives.

  • We believe in having fulfilled employees because fulfilled employees make happy customers.


When we follow these principles, we enrich ourselves by being bigger and able to serve¬†more customers. We enrich our customers by helping them build a better business and helping them serve more customers. And we enrich our customer’s customers by having them find reputable businesses that can serve them.

In a word our mission is to serve.